Will Fritz Joins GoRout

Will Fritz joins GoRout

GoRout is excited to announce the addition of Will Fritz as our newest Summer Marketing Intern. He joined our team in June 2024. Will is currently enrolled at Syracuse University, pursuing a degree in Sports Analytics and Economics. He played baseball and basketball in high school, and is developing a career blending his passions for…

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Mason Beach Joins GoRout

Mason Beach joins GoRout

GoRout is excited to announce the addition of Mason Beach as a Digital Marketing Specialist. He joined our team in June 2024. After earning his degree in Sports Management and playing quarterback at University of Saint Mary, Mason began a twofold career in marketing and coaching football. In addition to his role at GoRout, he…

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Increase Player Development by Using GoRout Diamond

pitch calling device

As baseball continues to evolve, the role of technology in the game does as well. The further athletes advance in their playing careers, the more they encounter the use of digital pitch and play calling. Getting GoRout Diamond into your athlete’s high school gives them a leg up in a variety of ways. They will…

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NCAA Rules Changes and Updates Over Time

Below is a running list of all of the rules changes, updates, and allowances made by the NCAA’s various rules committees. Our intention in compiling this information is to provide a simple, ever-evolving resource for coaches to stay up to date with the newest and latest from NCAA decision makers.  You can receive a notification…

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Wearable devices are easy to use and elevate team communication

Change often comes with the fear of complexity, especially when it involves technology. GoRout, however, is not here to disrupt the way you do things. Our goal is to simplify and elevate your play call system. Our easy-to-use communication devices ensure a seamless transition for your team; a true turnkey solution that doesn’t sacrifice any…

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Softball Coaching: Tips, Tools and Strategies for Success

Softball is a sport that demands skill, strategy, hard work, and dedication. As a coach, you are responsible for using the right tools and techniques to help your team achieve their full potential. To help you achieve your goals faster, in this extensive guide, we will cover every aspect of successful softball coaching, from establishing…

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State and competition level compliance with GoRout

The legality of new technologies in sports can often be a cause for concern, especially for referees. Our commitment is not just to innovation, but to ensuring that every team using GoRout stays well within the boundaries of the rules. Let’s dive into the specifics and address any concerns surrounding the legality or allowance of…

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How to Build and Execute a Winning Football Practice Plan

A well-structured football practice plan is essential for building a successful team. An experienced coach understands that this plan lays the foundation for peak performance on game day. Effective practice improves individual skills while encouraging teamwork, cohesion, and strategic understanding among players. Coaches need a carefully designed football practice plan to achieve these goals and…

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GoRout is the Best Visual Communication Tool for Coaches

Audio and visual components play distinct roles in sports communication. Each provides a language of its own that comes with unique benefits and nuances. Let’s take a look at the overwhelming benefits of visual communication to discover why, when it comes to elevating your team, choosing GoRout is the right call. Enhanced comprehension of visual…

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JP Sponseller Joins GoRout

Welcome to GoRout JP Sponseller

GoRout is excited to announce the addition of JP Sponseller as a Customer Support Specialist. He joined the GoRout team in February 2024. En route to earning a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cincinnati, JP played four years of Division-1 college baseball. He spent two seasons at Elon University playing for Coach Mike…

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