Download the GoRout Football Playbook Template

This FREE football playbook template is a must have tool for all coaches! Our downloadable template offers you a sleek, detailed design with space for positional roles, play descriptions, and any audibles, motions, or play notes that you want to include. 

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football playbook template

Our football playbook template is the ideal platform on which your strategic prowess will unfold. Use the first two pages of the download to materialize your gameplan through X’s and O’s. These two sheets provide ample space for you to architect a winning playbook. They can be printed out in bulk, allowing your play designs to become as creative as you desire. There is space included for motions, audibles, and notes so your team receives a full understanding of the objective.

The remaining pages in the template are designed to cater to the needs of coaches at any level. They offer a comprehensive breakdown of offense, defense, and special teams plays and alignments. 18 predesigned plays spanning rushing offense, short and deep passing offense, and basic defensive concepts are included. Our goal with this football playbook template is to provide coaches with a resource to inspire creativity, and a space to bring it all together.

Whether you're gearing up for your first practice as a coach or are seeking to elevate your play calling with a modern playbook, the GoRout playbook template is a must have resource. Its intuitive layout and comprehensive insight ensure that you are well-equipped to lead your team to victory!