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Football In-Game - Coming in 2024!

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Our in-game platform was built to help coaches securely communicate play calls and adjustments to players instantly, on-field in real-time without the worry of sign stealing. Whether you're making half-time adjustments or changes series-to-series, our in-game platform is flexible enough to ensure you're ready on 1st Down.

Built for

Instantly communicate play calls to your players, securely.


Build your Game Day script/Call Sheet how you want it. Play call display is fully customizable - can be the play call, a picture, color, play diagram, ANYTHING!


From the call sheet to your players with the press of a button. Allowing you to move quickly and focus on the game. No matter how many play-callers you have, you'll be communicating with all 11 players INSTANTLY.


Every play call is encrypted via the sending device and player device using 128-bit encryption. Additionally each device comes with a 4-way privacy screen to protect your calls.

Instantly receive play calls from the coaching staff, securely.


Players will receive play call, securely, on their wrist.


Players receive a haptic response (vibration) from device on new play call.


Each device comes with a 4-way privacy screen to protect your calls, so only players looking directly at the screen can view its content.

How the platform


Step 1


Coach builds game plan in software*

Step 2


Coach sends play call to players on-field via GoRout sending device

Step 3


Player devices display play call and coaching points

Step 4


Players execute & WIN!

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Proven & Trusted

reliable in-stadium network

  • Real-time delivery of plays (300 milliseconds)

  • Dedicated support team for college football gamedays

  • Encrypted security for your team’s devices


GoRout Gridiron provides a private nationwide cell network. Don’t worry about your signals being “stolen”, GoRout provides full encryption that ensures your plays are protected.

Football In-game


GoRout is currently working with its national network partners to synchronize a solution across all NCAA and NFL stadiums. For High School teams, the GoRout system will work out of the box without any additional equipment to set up on game day.

In short - they don’t! GoRout has only had to replace a handful of devices due to breakage in four years. To ease this concern, every GoRout device comes with a 100% warranty against breakage.

Since GoRout’s in-game technology will be a fully customizable experience for you and your staff, our customer success team will be ready and able to train your staff on how to best implement GoRout in-game into your workflow.

No. Each device comes with a 4-way privacy screen to protect your calls, so only players looking directly at the screen can view its content.

Very. GoRout uses advanced encryption methods and secure network transmission systems to ensure your information is as secure as possible. Every GoRout system comes with a unique encryption key that is set at the server and device level for verification, preventing other teams from seeing your play calls.

The battery life lasts between 6-8 hours and will charge to 80% in less than 90 minutes.

Our devices are very strong and come with various levels of protection (padding, etc) to ensure players are protected.

The GoRout system can be used in all types of weather (high heat/humidity, snow, rain, etc.) without worry.

The GoRout in-game experience, just like GoRout’s practice solution, is fully customizable based on your program’s needs. Through conversations, some coaches will put on every player on their side of the ball, others will simply do those players who call plays. GoRout will work with each staff to identify their needs and offer solutions for their staff.

Currently, no. If you want to use GoRout Gridiron, please contact your state's NFHS Football Rules Committee Voting Member and tell them you want GoRout Gridiron for in-game use.