GoRout And Hudl Partner To Enhance Practices For High School, College, And NFL Football Teams

ROCHESTER, MN / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2022 / GoRout, the leader in on-field sports wearable display technologies for high school, college, and NFL football teams, is announcing a new partnership with Hudl, a global sports video technology company.

“Partnering with Hudl will accelerate GoRout’s ability to fulfill its mission to help every football team maximize their practice time with better communication, faster repetitions, and enhanced preparation. Together, we’ll be able to offer teams and athletic departments cutting-edge technologies that help prepare them to win on and off the field,” said GoRout’s founder Mike Rolih.

This partnership will offer Hudl athletic department package customers exclusive pricing on GoRout products and allow eligible athletic departments to maximize their budgets while providing leading technologies to their teams.

GoRout allows coaches to transmit digital play cards to each player wearing GoRout custom devices on the field at practice. These devices, worn during full contact, allow players to quickly receive a play, review their responsibility, and execute efficiently. Using this technology, coaches can also communicate individual coaching points to each player without huddling or looking at a binder, allowing teams to double their repetitions at practice each day.

“GoRout technology aligns well with our mission at Hudl to never miss a moment. In this partnership, we will continue to create a better experience for coaches and athletes in maximizing their performance and preparation for game day. We are excited to be able to partner and offer preferred pricing to our athletic director package customers,” said Greg Nelson, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hudl.

Hudl provides video capture and analysis that power high school athletics. These technologies allow schools to record, stream and analyze video of their sporting events. With a wide range of video features, schools are able to make in-game adjustments, study game film, and provide fans with access to their favorite games from anywhere.

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