State and competition level compliance with GoRout

The legality of new technologies in sports can often be a cause for concern, especially for referees. Our commitment is not just to innovation, but to ensuring that every team using GoRout stays well within the boundaries of the rules. Let’s dive into the specifics and address any concerns surrounding the legality or allowance of GoRout in your league. 

Proven compliance with various organizations

It’s understandable for coaches to be cautious when introducing new technology to the field. However, GoRout has been meticulously designed to comply with the rules and regulations of various organizations; ranging from youth and club leagues to NFHS, the NCAA, and even professional ranks. We prioritize adherence to the guidelines set forth by governing bodies. Our goal is to ensure that teams using GoRout are not just innovative, but fully compliant.

Approved by league authorities

GoRout’s commitment to compliance extends to seeking and obtaining approval from relevant league authorities and officials. We work closely with sports programs across competition levels to ensure that our technology aligns with their standards. The endorsement of these authorities provides an additional layer of assurance regarding the compliance of GoRout devices.

GoRout customers

Enhancing, not violating

GoRout is not designed to give teams an unfair advantage or violate the spirit of the game. Instead, it was created to enhance communication, strategy, and player development within the boundaries of existing rules and regulations. The goal is not to challenge the integrity of sports, but to elevate it to new heights.


Concerns raised by a referee or umpire may stem from unfamiliarity or misinformation. GoRout’s dedication to compliance, education, and obtaining approval from league authorities ensures that teams can confidently integrate this technology without fear of violating any rules. It’s not just about innovation; it’s about playing the game the right way. GoRout simply introduces a new era of communication to the field.

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