Football Coaching Gear to Elevate Your Coaching Experience

Football coaching is a crucial aspect of the game that requires a lot of dedication, knowledge, and skill. To be a successful football coach, you need the right coaching gear to elevate your coaching experience and take your team to the next level. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some essential football coaching gear to help you become a better coach and improve your team’s performance on the field. 

We will also show you how GoRout Scout, our football practice solution, helps you double reps, provides you more time to coach, and gives players additional opportunities to develop their skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coach, this guide will deliver all the information you need to get started. 

Let’s dive in!

Essential Clothing and Accessories

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Coaches must have versatile custom football coaches apparel and accessories on the sidelines to make the most out of practices and games.

The unpredictable weather conditions during games and practices require clothing that can adapt to different temperatures and conditions so that coaches are comfortable.

Communication Tools

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Effective football communication tools are vital for coordinating plays, strategies and adjustments on and off the field.

Whistles and communication devices

Whistles are a staple for coaches to signal practice period changes, timing cues or other directives on the football field. They provide a clear and audible means of communication during practice. 

Communication devices – such as headsets or radios – offer coaches and staff a way to relay instructions quickly and discreetly to their players.

Best whistle options for effective communication

Electronic whistles produce a consistent and loud sound with the press of a button for clarity and reliability in noisy environments like football games and practices. 

Pealess whistles are known for their durability and consistency and eliminate the risk of jamming or freezing in cold weather conditions. 

Lanyards or clips are convenient for coaches because they can easily attach the whistle to their clothing or equipment for quick access.

Wireless communication systems for instant coordination

Clear and comfortable wireless headset systems allow coaches and staff to communicate in real-time without being tethered to a specific location. These systems are handheld radios or earpieces that use radio frequencies for quick and discreet communication. 

Wireless communication systems can integrate with other technologies – like video analysis software or play-calling systems – allowing coaches to communicate strategic insights and adjustments directly to players.


Coaching boards and notepads

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Football coaches can enhance their ability to strategize effectively and communicate plans clearly by using convenient coaching boards and notepads on the field.

Tactical boards for strategic planning

Tactical boards help strategize game and practice plans. They provide coaches with a larger surface area and pre-printed templates for organizing plays and formations. 

These boards often feature magnetic pieces or markers for easy manipulation and visualization of game plans.

Water-resistant notepads for all-weather note-taking

In outdoor settings with unpredictable weather conditions, water-resistant notepads are invaluable for coaches to take notes, jot down observations and track player performance. Notes remain legible because of their durability in rainy or humid conditions.

Video Analysis Equipment

High-tech video analysis equipment allows coaches to review game performance through game and practice film.

Importance of video analysis in football coaching

Video analysis is essential in football coaching for evaluating player performance, analyzing opponent strategies and making in-game adjustments. 

It gives coaches insights into individual and team dynamics to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. 

Coaches can use video analysis to enhance player development, refine tactical approaches and increase the chances of success on the field.

High-quality cameras and accessories

High-quality cameras and accessories are essential for capturing detailed footage of football games and practices. These cameras feature high-definition recording and adjustable lenses to provide clear coverage of the field. 

Accessories such as tripods, stabilizers and microphones produce stable, professional-quality recordings for thorough analysis.

4K cameras for detailed playback

Coaches can use 4K cameras with ultra-high-definition footage for detailed playback analysis. These cameras precisely capture every aspect of the game, enabling coaches to scrutinize player movements, tactics and strategies with heightened clarity and camera resolution.

Tripods and stabilizers for steady footage

Tripods and stabilizers are essential for getting steady football footage. Tripods provide a stable base for cameras, preventing shaky or uneven shots. 

Stabilizers help minimize vibrations and movements, particularly during games and scrimmages. 

By keeping the footage steady and smooth, these accessories enable coaches to capture clear and professional-quality video, which is crucial for accurate analysis and effective communication with players.

Video editing software recommendations

To select the right video editing software for football coaches, prioritize ease of use and compatibility with your operating system and hardware. Look for comprehensive editing tools and smooth performance to efficiently analyze game footage and create professional-quality videos for player development, strategic planning and player promotion.

User-friendly options for efficient analysis

Choose user-friendly video analysis software that offers intuitive interfaces and straightforward workflows. Look for options with robust features for tagging, playback controls and side-by-side comparisons to streamline the process and enhance coaching effectiveness.

Features to look for in football-specific editing software

When considering football-specific editing software, look at these features:

  1. Playbook integration: Software that allows importing or creating football play diagrams directly within the editing interface.
  2. Telestrator tools: Built-in telestration tools for drawing on the footage to highlight plays, strategies and player movements.
  3. Tagging and metadata: The ability to tag specific plays, players or moments for easy organization and retrieval during analysis.
  4. Multi-camera support: Support syncing and editing footage from multiple angles.
  5. Statistical overlay: Integration with statistical data to overlay metrics such as player speed, distance covered, and play success rates.
  6. Export options: Flexible export options to share edited videos in presentations, coaching sessions or with players.

Training Aids

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Football training aids improve skills, build muscle memory through realistic simulations and maximize practice time efficiency.

Cone sets and agility equipment

Cone sets and agility equipment are integral in football for agility drills, speed work and directional changes. They help improve players’ agility, footwork and overall athleticism on the field. It’s important to choose a cone set that is transportable, versatile and can be used in all weather or practice conditions.

Versatile cone sets for various drills

Football coaches can select versatile cone sets for training to improve players’ agility, speed, coordination, and spatial awareness. This approach fosters adaptability and enhances overall performance.

Agility ladders and hurdles for player development

Agility ladders and hurdles help player development by creating dynamic drills that enhance footwork, speed, agility and coordination. These skills are crucial for improving players’ speed, reaction time and overall athleticism on the field.

Tackling dummies and blocking shields

Tackling dummies and blocking shields provide realistic simulations for players to practice proper tackling techniques, develop their block skills and improve physicality without actual contact. It ensures player safety and security during practice and preparation for the real deal during games.

Durable options for realistic practice

Invest in heavy-duty tackling dummies and blocking shields as robust training aids that withstand rigorous use and provide lifelike resistance and feedback during drills. Players can use these to hone their tackling and blocking techniques effectively while they withstand the demands of intensive practices.

Size and weight considerations for different skill levels

Tackling dummies and blocking shields are tailored to players’ size, weight and skill levels. For youth and beginners, opt for lighter and smaller-sized equipment as a safety precaution. 

Intermediate and high school players can benefit from slightly heavier and larger dummies and shields to provide more resistance. 

College and advanced levels use larger and heavier equipment to simulate the physicality of competitive play. It prepares them for game situations effectively.

Technology Integration

Coaches should incorporate advanced technological tools like video analysis software, wearable technology or communication systems into their coaching routine for valuable insights and improved decision-making during the season.

Wearable technology for player monitoring

Wearable player monitoring technology provides real-time insights into player performance and health. These devices collect data on player movements, speed, distance covered and heart rate during football practices and games. 

Coaches use this information to tailor training programs, optimize player workload and prevent injuries.

GPS trackers for performance analysis

GPS trackers offer details about a player’s movement and physical exertion while playing football. These trackers use satellite technology to monitor metrics such as distance covered, speed, acceleration, deceleration and changes in direction. 

Coaches can use this data to assess player fitness levels, track workload management, identify areas for improvement in conditioning and positioning and create unique training programs for each player.

Heart rate monitors for fitness tracking

Heart rate monitors track players’ cardiovascular responses in real-time. It allows coaches to assess players’ fitness levels and monitor intensity levels of football practice. 

Coaches can use this data to gauge improvements in cardiovascular endurance, identify fatigue patterns and optimize recovery strategies to reduce the risk of overtraining or injury.

The role of technology in enhancing coaching strategies

Coaches can use technology to unlock their team’s full potential by optimizing player development, tactical planning and overall team performance in real time.

Real-time data analysis for quick decision-making

Real-time data analysis allows coaches to make quick, informed decisions on the fly. Coaches leverage data from technology to monitor player performance metrics, adjust game tactics and make strategic substitutions based on current performance levels.

Integrating technology into practice sessions

Bringing technology into practice sessions is a game-changer for football coaching because it boosts efficiency, effectiveness and player engagement. 

To integrate technology into practice sessions, coaches should identify goals, select appropriate tools, educate players, plan integration into drills and activities, monitor progress and encourage engagement and collaboration among team members.

Spotlight on GoRout Football Practice System

football play calling system

GoRout offers state-of-the-art football practice solutions to transform teams’ preparation for game day. Our products for coaches and players enhance communication, streamline practices, and improve performance on the field. 

Our coach-to-player communication system is customized to meet football teams’ unique needs and challenges at all levels, including high school, college, and NFL. 

Additionally, our wearable devices allow teams to triple their practice reps in any condition.

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Key features for football coaches

The GoRout football equipment is durable and convenient, easily withstanding all practice conditions any day of the week.

Simplified scripting app

GoRout scripting app

With just a few clicks, our scripting app simplifies organization. It’s compatible with any card drawing software, making editing and adding plays effortless. Plus, it allows for easy play copying or moving between halves.

On-field practice app

The on-field practice app uses GoRout STEEL technology for efficient communication between coaches and players. Streamline information for optimal practice sessions with instant formation flipping, one-touch play flagging, and live card editing via finger drawing.

Player devices

Our player devices come with durable wearable technology designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring uninterrupted communication during practices. 

The plays are directly sent to the device, which vibrates to alert the player upon receiving the play call. 

Additionally, players receive visual representations of play drawings and position-specific messages to help them maintain their performance levels.

Key benefits for football coaches

Check out this list of five key benefits for coaches using GoRout football practice systems:

  1. Developed by seasoned coaches: Experienced coaches familiar with the nuances of sports communication stand behind the GoRout football practice system. It addresses the specific needs and challenges coaches and players face based on firsthand experience.
  2. Effortless integration with leading technologies: With seamless compatibility with top platforms like Hudl, 643 Charts, and Visio, as well as hand-drawn cards, GoRout ensures full-speed integration. Its versatility and usability provide coaches and players with a comprehensive suite of tools for achieving victory.
  3. Enhanced practice efficiency: Teams can increase their average reps by 2.5 per minute. It frees up valuable time for coaches to offer additional guidance and gives players more opportunities for improvement.
  4. Reliable performance in all conditions: Our durable devices operate consistently in diverse weather conditions, regardless of extreme temperatures, humidity, precipitation, or other environmental factors. Their all-weather security service guarantees reliability during crucial moments on the field.
  5. Comprehensive coverage warranty: We provide a 100% full-coverage warranty against potential damage. Our devices are reliable, secure and durable.

Success stories from football coaches 

Over 100 football programs nationwide use GoRout technology in their practice sessions. Check out these GoRout testimonials from fellow coaches to hear about their success with our communication systems.

“GoRout has been a game changer for us in our practice efficiency. Our repetitions are faster and more precise. Our student-athletes can instantly focus on the rep at hand.”

– Saint Anselm College (NCAA DII)

“With this system, we were able to rep our plays exponentially. The more reps, the better; this system helps you accomplish that goal!”

– Millbrook High School

“GoRout has increased our practice speed noticeably. With a simple system, we can quickly and consistently get our scouts the plays without needing a huddle, making practice more efficient and effective. Not only that, the GoRout customer service is unmatched.”

– Drake University

Are you wondering what it’s like to practice with GoRout technology? 

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Conclusion on Football Coaching Gear

If you want your football team to perform at their best, you must equip them with the right coaching gear. Essential items like versatile cone sets, agility equipment, heavy-duty tackling dummies, and blocking shields are necessary. 

Also, durable agility ladders, hurdles, and reliable video analysis equipment can make a huge difference in your team’s performance.

Consider investing in advanced coach-to-player communication systems and cameras. These tools can trigger a positive change in your team and turn their football season around.

If you’re interested in exploring the latest technology for football training, get a quote for the GoRout practice system. 

With our high-tech devices, you can increase your team’s reps and efficiency during practice, leading to better performance on the field.


FAQs on Football Coaching Gear

What do you need to coach football?

To become a football coach, you should have some coaching experience. Some positions require a college degree in sports science, physical education or a sports-related field. Coaches at higher levels are unable to teach without a degree.

What equipment do you need for football training?

Football training requires helmets, mouth guards, cones and agility tools, tackle dummies, blacking dummies, football passing machines and kicking cages. The tools will depend on the age and level of your players and their needed security.

What do football coaches wear to games?

NFL coaches must wear official NFL-licensed gear as a football in-game solution. The coaching staff of lower levels wear their team gear or sports polos with a specific word or phrase and black or beige-coloured sports pants. Some coaches prefer to wear suits and outerwear when it’s cold.

Why do football coaches wear suits?

Wearing a suit can represent the professionalism and authority of coaches that football teams look up to. Wearing suits is a tradition passed down by generation and can include embroidery.

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