GoRout introduces Vue-Up, the first in-helmet heads-up display system

GoRout introduces Vue-Up, the first in-helmet heads-up display system.

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Football players are now able to read the practice field in a whole new way thanks to GoRout’s new Vue-Up technology that was launched last week.

Vue-Up is the first on-field, in-helmet heads-up display system. Not unlike when Robert Downey Jr. talks to Jarvis from within his super suit in the movie Iron Man – a bright, HD color display screen will pop up and be voice controlled.

By saying, “Hey GoRout, put me as quarterback” the user can see the preview play from a quarterback’s position on screen. The display is on the inner visor of a helmet that shows players the plays from a viewpoint of their choice.

Vue-Up also includes a video camera that can capture each play from the player’s point of view and is capable of live streaming so coaches can see on an iPad what the player sees.

“So you want to see if your quarterback’s eyes are floating?…You can see what his eyes see,” GoRout CEO Mike Rolih said at the launch event in Rochester, Minn.

Rolih said the patented technology that is scheduled to ship in the fall of 2017 is “water proof,” “dust proof,” “shock proof,” and “meant to be hit.” Vue-Up also has eight hours of battery life.

“This is the single greatest engineering design we’ve ever done at GoRout, and we couldn’t be more pleased,” Rolih said.

“This is the most revolutionary product ever to be brought to the football market.”

This GoRout technology is compatible with Riddell, Schutt and Xenith helmet models.

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