GoRout Offers Social Distancing Football Technology to Help Coaches and Players Practice Safely

ROCHESTER, Minn., June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GoRout, the leader in on-field sports wearable display technologies, provides a technology that will allow high school, college and professional football teams to maintain social distances on the field at practice and provide a safe environment for players and coaches alike.  Utilizing GoRout’s technology, coaches can send in play calls digitally to players without the need to huddle up, allowing players to keep a safe distance away while still being able to maintain a fast pace in practice.

Mike Rolih, GoRout’s Founder and CEO, says, “As a parent myself, it’s critical that coaches and administrators are doing everything they can to provide a safe practice environment for their players.  GoRout’s technology allows coaches to drastically increase their practice production while maintaining safe social distances on the field.”


GoRout’s technology allows coaches to send in digital play calls to each player with a wearable display on the field at practice.  Coaches can also deliver individual coaching points to each position without requiring a huddle. Players simply look at the play being sent to their GoRout device, line up and run the play.  The average high school or college team is able to double their reps per practice simply by using the GoRout system.

Rolih says, “With a shortened calendar, coaches will have to figure out how to do more in less time. The hundreds of teams already using GoRout understand that not only can they be more productive at practice with our technology, but they can make sure their players and coaches are able to stay safe.” Rolih continued, “The status quo of holding up scout card binders and huddling is no longer acceptable. Coaches and teams have to adjust to this new normal.”

About GoRout

GoRout is the leader in on-field sports, ruggedized, wearable display technologies. GoRout provides coaches the ability to maximize their practice efficiency while drastically improving the quality of their reps.  GoRout was the winner of the 2017 NFL 1st & Future Technology event at Super Bowl 51 in Houston, TX, and a finalist at NASA’s iTech Technology event in Palo Alto, CA in 2019.  To learn more about GoRout, visit www.gorout.com.

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