GoRout puts 21st century tech into the hands of football coaches with Vue system

When it comes time for football players to practice important plays, a lot of time goes by the wayside discussing them rather than actually putting them in action. To solve this problem, the Minnesota-based company GoRout developed technology to improve communication between coaches and the players, so they’re able to spend more time moving.

Founded in 2014, GoRout’s first product — dubbed the Vue — provided a better way for coaches to teach plays. Each player wears a device similar to a smartphone on their wrist or waist and coaches then have the ability to send plays directly to each player in real-time. When a new play comes in, or the coach makes an adjustment, the device vibrates to alert each player to check their notification.

GoRout Overview

When a player looks at their wrist, they receive fully-animated play calls, coaching tips, and assignments. Each player also has the ability to see where they need to be instantly at all times. Players also select and switch their positions on the fly, so less time needs to be spent huddling. According to GoRout, using Vue provides about four times the amount of reps in the same practice time.

The latest version — Vue 2.0 — features a much better design for the field. The unit itself is 30 percent thinner and about half as light. Its companion Glove-Touch support also ensures that players control the device quickly without removing any gear. In order to withstand a beating, Vue 2.0 is shockproof, water-resistant, and UV protected.

GoRout Vue-Up

Additionally, GoRout currently has a prototype called VueUp. The device provides football’s first heads-up display and installs onto any Riddell, Schutt, or Xenith football helmet. By projecting a high-definition image onto a transparent visor, players easily see the play without taking their helmets off. A motion sensor camera also captures footage from the player’s point of view and coaches have the ability to execute many of the operations via voice commands.

High school and college football teams across the United States already employ the use of GoRout’s innovative technology, and it’s likely more teams join the fold as its effectiveness and usefulness become more widespread.

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