Why does GoRout have an annual subscription fee?

Coaches consider finances in every decision they make, but when it comes to winning, they are willing to do whatever it takes. If you plan to move on from the status quo and have bought-in to the potential of communication technology, it’s time to choose the most effective solution possible. 

GoRout was designed to maximize the efficiency of your coach-to-player communication system and to introduce industry-leading simplicity in the process. Our goal is to reduce the stress of preparation for coaches so that they can give more of their focus to execution. 

Continuously improving our product as we strive to achieve that goal is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

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What does the GoRout subscription cover?

  • GoRout Air™

This is what powers your devices. GoRout runs on a cellular network and requires no WiFi connection or bluetooth technology. GoRout Air allows you to call plays from anywhere. 

All you have to do upon receiving your devices is open the box, upload your plays and signs, and start putting them to use. Other communication solutions come with strings attached that you’ll never have to worry about with GoRout.

  • Software updates & new features

The game is continuously evolving, and for that reason, so are the capabilities of your wearable communication devices. We regularly roll out new integrations, app updates and features designed to improve your experience every year. You seamlessly receive updates and they automatically appear in your system upon their deployment.

  • Device Replacement

The annual subscription fee includes a full device replacement warranty. No matter what happens, your communication system has total protection. Play after play, and year after year.

The designers of GoRout built it with durability in mind. We have the utmost confidence in our devices to withstand both the physicality of sports and adverse weather conditions. If a device does break, however, we will replace it immediately.

What makes GoRout the best solution for on-field communication?

Coaches like you developed our solution as they were seeking to simplify and secure the play calling process. That prospect is an evolution in itself and will continue to improve for years to come. With our annual subscription you are guaranteed to be kept up to date with secure and consistent communication.

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