Wearable devices are easy to use and elevate team communication

Change often comes with the fear of complexity, especially when it involves technology. GoRout, however, is not here to disrupt the way you do things. Our goal is to simplify and elevate your play call system. Our easy-to-use communication devices ensure a seamless transition for your team; a true turnkey solution that doesn’t sacrifice any…

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Why does GoRout have an annual subscription fee?

sending in football coaches play cards on GoRout App

Coaches consider finances in every decision they make, but when it comes to winning, they are willing to do whatever it takes. If you plan to move on from the status quo and have bought-in to the potential of communication technology, it’s time to choose the most effective solution possible.  GoRout was designed to maximize…

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6-4-3 Charts Announces Partnership With GoRout

6-4-3 Charts and GoRout are excited to announce a new partnership that will revolutionize the way that teams share data on field through coach-to-player communication devices with college baseball and softball athletes. The GoRout product consists of a coach app and individual player devices. Using the app, coaches are able to send information to the player devices…

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