2016 Product of the Year

Normally we spend a day or two visiting with all of the vendors at the AFCA Convention and then bestow the honor of being named the FootballScoop Product of the Year upon one deserving product that is simply revolutionary. Well, this year we already found that product. In fact, when I learned of GoRout, I actually flew up to Chicago & Minnesota and went and watched players & coaches using it at practice. My friends, GoRout is the real deal.


It was a simple concept with no viable solution: help coaches and players communicate more efficiently during practice and maximize every minute. With that concept in mind GoRout developed football’s ONLY on-field wearable display technology.

Already embraced by teams across the country, including the NFL, major college and high school programs alike, GoRout has shown tremendous results.

On average last season teams were able to run scout team repetitions every 13-15 seconds and were able to run between 35-45 reps in a 10 minute period. Teams also saw a tremendous increase in the effectiveness of their installs as well as a significant increase in scout team efficiency. Getting an edge and pushing boundaries are how winners stay on top.


In the GoRout system, coaches are given instant playbook flexibility, while players have the opportunity to see their responsibility and position in real-time. No other company offers the same level of flexibility, control, and ability to communicate.

With GoRout’s technology, the player’s ability to learn and perfect their skill set on the field is changing. Players who are absorbed and attached to technology in their daily lives can now execute plays at practice with similar technology, making the use of whiteboards or printed play cards obsolete. Nevertheless, even the most amateur technology user can embrace the software and hardware provided.

GoRout has been built and designed to withstand the toughest of practices and weather conditions. With this system, coaches are given the chance to streamline practice and run more physical reps in less time without losing their mind or voice.

With GoRout your practice will never be the same again.

You can learn more about GoRout and request a quote on their website, and stay updated on their new advancements and whereabouts on Twitter. Are you ready to #PerfectYourGame?

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