How an Electronic Pitch Calling System Will Change the Game in 2024

electronic pitch calling system

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Hand signals have been an integral part of communication among baseball players on the field for decades. However, with the advancement of technology and the increasing use of electronic devices in the sport, the role of hand signals will likely change.

What will the introduction of electronic pitch-calling systems mean for baseball? How can your team benefit from using this technology? 

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Benefits of electronic pitch calling system

An electronic pitch-calling system offers several significant benefits to coaches and players:

  • Increased accuracy – Hand signals are often used in sports to communicate with players. While hand signals can be effective, even the best players can sometimes misread or misunderstand a sign. Direct communication is superior in terms of accuracy and clarity during games. It eliminates any potential for doubt or misinterpretation, resulting in better performance on the field.
  • Faster pace of the game – Communicating through hand signs typically takes longer than simply hearing or reading a command on a wristband. Additionally, there is no need to constantly look at cards or gather on the mound to change the signs. Although this may not seem significant initially, it results in a faster pace throughout the game.
  • Reduced risk of sign stealing – Sign stealing has become a significant concern in modern sports, especially with video transmissions common in most leagues and smartphones equipped with cameras easily accessible to everyone. To mitigate this risk, a secure electronic pitch system can provide a reliable and private communication channel between the team and the coach. While it may not be possible to eliminate sign stealing completely, using such a system can significantly reduce the risk.

There are also some problems that electronic pitch calling systems can introduce, and no one wants more stumbling blocks in game. Let’s examine these issues in more detail. 

Potential challenges and concerns

new electronic signal system

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Baseball has a long history, dating back to the mid-19th century. It has many rules and traditions that an innovative electronic system might disrupt. What are the main concerns surrounding this issue?

  1. Technical issues – Electronic devices can fail at any time, and it is unfortunate when it happens. In the case of sport-related systems, such failure can have severe consequences. For this reason, most companies in this field, like GoRout, prioritize the reliability of electronic pitch-calling systems.
  2. Costs of electronic pitch calling – Any system will be more costly than hand signals. However, an electronic pitch-calling system should not be too expensive. It should offer more than just replicating the benefits of hand signals and provide valuable features that can enhance the team’s performance to make the investment worthwhile.
  3. The need for proper training and education – Mastering technology can be complex. Electronic pitch-calling systems should be so simple that even a novice player can easily pick up the device, read a brief explanation, and start using the system. It’s worth noting that learning hand signals can take significantly longer than learning how to use an electronic pitch-calling system.

Electronic pitch-calling systems are valuable for enhancing the strategic element of the game, while protecting it from the pitfalls of the modern era.

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a camera. People use these devices not only to capture memories but also for malicious purposes. 

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The game will transform significantly, shifting from a sign system to electronic devices. 

Players will become quicker and more accurate, and on-field communication will become protected and secure, which are positive outcomes. 

However, there are other ways technology can impact the game.  

Impact on the game

electronic pitch calling system

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The NFHS’s decision to allow the use of electronic pitch-calling systems will change the game in 2024. What effect will these changes have? 

The coaches will be able to communicate more effectively with their teams, allowing for greater coach involvement during games and more complex strategies.

The catchers will be able to signal for pitches more quickly, resulting in faster actions. Communication will also be more private, allowing teams to outsmart their opponents.

pitch calling system

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Umpires now use technology to assist in calling balls and strikes, with cameras and sensors tracking the ball’s movement.

This move reduces the human element in baseball. Though robot umpires won’t debut next year, technology will become more prominent.

On the other hand, it helps increase the game’s openness and transparency. This trend is anticipated to continue in 2024.

Here’s how GoRout can help you get ready for these changes.

GoRout — Your electronic pitch calling system

As a leader in coach-to-player communications, GoRout provides wearable communication devices for football, softball, and baseball, with plans for expansion into other sports shortly. 

Our cutting-edge solution simplifies on-field communication between coaches and players, enabling more efficient and effective coaching and improving team performance. 

With a single tap, coaches can seamlessly convey pitch calls, defensive shifts, bunts, steals, and hit-and-runs, fully customizable to suit their needs.

GoRout puts you in charge and provides reliable technology so you can focus on coaching your team to victory.

Forget missed signs and increase chances of success on the field. 

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How GoRout works

GoRout provides a coach app and player devices which can communicate effortlessly through GoRout Air™. This system is powered by a national infrastructure and uses radio airwaves, so you don’t need a Wi-Fi internet connection or worry about syncing, router setup or any other technical issues.

The GoRout coaching application is intuitive and efficient. With a single tap, coaches can create complex pitch calls, offensive plays, and defensive shifts for hitters. The app is feature-rich yet simple to use, enabling coaches to easily communicate their strategies to catchers and pitchers.

The GoRout player devices are user-friendly and hassle-free. You don’t need to set them up, pair them with other devices, or program them. 

Additionally, each device is fully encrypted and secure, so you can start using it right out of the box without any concerns. By simplifying the technology, players can stay focused on the game and perform at their best without any distractions.

With GoRout, you can enjoy a reliable technology that provides the most efficient way to transfer and send real-time play data on the field without disruptions.

Why choose GoRout

Here are some of our solution’s most significant advantages:

  1. Approved for in-game use: GoRout devices are compliant with in-game use rules in college and high school baseball and at the college level for softball.
  2. Offline functionality: Unlike many systems, GoRout doesn’t depend on WiFi, enabling usage in areas without internet connectivity and ensuring continuous access to necessary tools.
  3. End-to-end encryption: All communication within the system is fully encrypted from sender to receiver, ensuring the security of calls and the protection of sensitive information.
  4. Weather resilience: GoRout operates flawlessly in diverse weather conditions, including high heat, humidity, snow, rain, and more, providing teams with reliability in any environment.
  5. Fully customizable: GoRout offers a fully customizable experience, allowing users to scale packages up or down to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  6. Comprehensive warranty: Each GoRout device comes with a 100% full-coverage warranty, covering breakage and instilling confidence in the system’s reliability.
  7. NCAA team access: All NCAA teams can access the complete range of GoRout features through an approved single-app mobile tablet that exclusively permits access to baseball and softball in-game applications.
  8. Experienced team: The GoRout team brings a wealth of experience, having been present in coach’s offices, locker rooms, and on the field. This experience ensures a deep understanding of teams’ unique needs and challenges, driving the commitment to create a seamless, intuitive, and easy-to-use system.

Experience the power of GoRout – the cutting-edge sports communication system. Elevate your game with secure pitch calls, weather-proof technology, and customizable features. 

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electronic pitch calling system

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The electronic pitch-calling system will revolutionize baseball and softball in 2024. While the fundamentals of the discipline will remain intact, the games will be faster, more strategic, and more open.

Coaches can now more effectively manage their teams and seamlessly adjust their strategy mid-game. Players no longer need to worry about what the opponent is doing to gain an edge and can simply focus on execution.

At GoRout, we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this change. Our system is secure, durable, feature-rich, and compliant with current college and high school regulations.

If you’re interested in GoRout, get a quote right now!


Here are answers to some common questions regarding electronic pitch calling.

How does electronic pitch calling work?

Electronic pitch calling is a secure and efficient communication system between pitchers and catchers. Traditionally, catchers use hand signals to communicate with pitchers, which can be intercepted by the opposing team, leading to a disadvantage. 

However, with electronic pitch calling, the communication between the two players is done through a dedicated and secure system that uses wearable devices. It ensures that the messages are delivered accurately and confidently without the risk of interception.

What is the electronic pitch calling device?

An electronic pitch-calling device is a wearable gadget with several buttons or a touchscreen, depending on the technology used. Its primary function is to transmit a specific pitch signal from one player to others or allow them to receive such communication. Some sophisticated systems provide additional features and enable coach-player communication.

What is the new pitch calling technology?

Pitch calling technology is a newly developed electronic signal system that provides a private communication channel between catchers, pitchers, and other players, including coaches. 

The technology’s primary objective is to enhance the accuracy and consistency of pitch calling while minimizing the possibility of human error and bias. It also helps speed up the pace of games and effectively eliminates sign stealing.

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