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Wearable communication technology is making waves in baseball as teams seek to prevent sign-stealing and speed up their games. 

Not only does this technology streamline communication with pitchers and catchers, but it also ensures that opponents can’t steal signs.

However, the benefits of this new pitch-calling device extend far beyond preventing sign-stealing. 

Coaches, catchers, and pitchers can use these devices to communicate more effectively during practice and games, improving game management and overall results. 

At GoRout, we are leaders in coach-to-player communications. We currently offer wearable communication devices for football, softball, and baseball teams and plan to expand availability to other sports in the future.

Our solution simplifies communication between coaches in the dugout and players on the field, resulting in greater efficiency and guaranteed clarity.

As experts, in this article, we’ll examine the basics of pitch-calling devices, including their benefits and usage. We will also explain why GoRout is the best choice for this wearable technology.

Let’s start with some basics.

What is a pitch calling device?

When you coach a team, you want to keep your strategy and communication confidential, especially in the midst of competition.

A pitch-calling device is a wearable that coaches and players use to communicate in real time. It enables quick communication of pitch calls and can also be used to assign defensive shifts and give signals to both batters and baserunners. 

Wearable communication technology eliminates the need to practice giving signs and the chance of them being picked. Having your signs stolen can become a thing of the past with our product. 

Why every coach and player need a pitch calling device

Data analytics and statistics have significantly changed how we perceive sports. For instance, the book and movie Moneyball highlighted the Oakland A’s use of data to select undervalued players and build a winning team. 

Similarly, pitch-calling devices change how coaches, pitchers and catchers interact during practice and games. Let’s explain the benefits.

Faster communication

The pitch-calling device enables streamlined communication from the dugout to the pitcher and catcher, ensuring they are on the same page. A coach can call in a pitch type and location, leaving no room for questions about what is expected.

With the pitch and expected location available to every player on the field, they can more effectively anticipate where the ball will be hit and have greater reaction time. 

First and third plays, bunt coverages, and defensive shifts can all be smoothly delivered from the dugout to each player’s device, ensuring a clear message to the whole field.

Increased accuracy

Pitch-calling devices can significantly improve the accuracy of coaches’ calls during a game. It means that players can have more confidence in their performance, knowing they receive clear and accurate instructions. 

With such devices, coaches can communicate more effectively with their players without worrying about them missing hand signals, misunderstanding them, or not hearing them in crowded and loud stadiums. 

Additionally, players’ devices vibrate whenever they receive a pitch call, enabling quick responses and enhancing their accuracy and performance on the field.

Improved player safety

Communication speed between the catcher and pitcher becomes crucial in high-pressure situations, such as with a runner in a scoring position or during a critical moment in the game. 

A pitch-calling device can facilitate quicker and more efficient communication, allowing the pitcher to focus on executing the pitch without delays or misunderstandings. 

This improved efficiency could contribute to a safer and more controlled game environment, reducing the risk of injuries resulting from misinterpreted signals.

Now that you know all the essentials, let’s explain how GoRout’s pitch-calling devices can help you communicate strategy adjustments in real time and keep the game moving.

How to use GoRout pitch calling device in baseball and softball

GoRout baseball and softball pitch-calling system streamlines and simplifies communication between coaches and players. 

As a coach, you can seamlessly convey pitch calls, defensive shifts, bunts, steals, and hit-and-runs with a single tap. The system is entirely customizable, making it limitless in its possibilities. 

It means you can forget about players missing a sign and increase your chances of winning. 

With GoRout, you’ll gain control on the field and have access to reliable technology, allowing you to focus more on coaching your team to success.

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How GoRout pitch calling devices work

The GoRout system comprises two components: the GoRout coaches’ app and the GoRout player device.

The GoRout coaches application is user-friendly and efficient. With just one tap, coaches can send in pitch calls, set defensive shifts, and signal offensive plays. The app is robust and straightforward, making it easy for coaches to communicate plays to catchers, pitchers, and the rest of the field.

The GoRout player devices are equally simple to use. They require no setup, pairing, or programming, and each device is fully encrypted and ready to start receiving calls right out of the box. It means players can focus on the game rather than worrying about complex technology.

The GoRout coaches’ app and player devices ensure seamless on-field communication by working together via GoRout Air™, a system based on radio waves.

The app enables coaches to efficiently create their pitch calls and offensive plays, which they can then send to their players with just one tap on the screen. Once the players receive the pitch calls without interruption, their devices vibrate and display the information, helping them execute the plays effectively and win the game.

It leads to a more efficient and successful team dynamic.

Wearable sports technology is at the forefront of innovation, but it’s important to note that rules regarding its use vary by level of play and state jurisdiction. While it may not be permitted during official competitions, it is generally allowed during practice sessions.

Why choose GoRout pitch calling devices for baseball and softball

GoRout provides you with many benefits. Let’s share the most important ones:

  • GoRout doesn’t require WiFi internet to work. It means you can use the system even in areas without internet connectivity, ensuring you always have access to the tools you need to succeed.
  • All calls made through the system are fully encrypted from send to receive. Communication is secure, and sensitive information is protected.
  • You can use GoRout in all types of weather conditions. You can use the system confidently, knowing it will continue to work seamlessly, whether it’s high heat and humidity, snow, rain, or anything in between.
  • GoRout also offers a fully customizable experience. You can scale packages up or down to fit your needs.
  • Every GoRout device comes with a 100% full-coverage warranty that includes breakage. You can confidently use the system, knowing that you are protected against any malfunctions or issues that may arise. 
  • The GoRout team has a wealth of experience. We were in the coach’s office, the locker room, and on the field, so we understand the unique needs and challenges that teams face and are committed to building a system that is seamless, intuitive, and easy to use.

Experience the GoRout pitch-calling system firsthand. 

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Practice makes a perfect team

When coaching any sport, practicing with the devices before using them in an actual game is essential. 

This way, your players will be familiar with the technology and know what to expect. With enough training, communication and the game will flow smoothly, and every player will know their role at the right moment.

Customize the devices to fit your team’s needs. Whether you want to increase the number of repetitions, focus on offense plays, improve your pitching, or analyze your opponent’s strategies, the options are entirely up to you.

With GoRout, you can even build your pitch book based on the opponent’s batter line-ups. The possibilities are endless, and with exercise and customization, you can take your team’s performance to new heights.


Pitch calling devices were initially developed to reduce sign-stealing in baseball and softball, but their benefits and advantages have proven to be much broader. 

These devices have revolutionized communication between coaches and players, allowing real-time adjustments and perfecting performance. They have also led to a significant increase in repetitions during practice, which has translated into better game performance. 

Pitch-calling devices have sped up the game’s pace by reducing the reliance on hand signals and other forms of verbal communication. As more teams embrace this new technology, it becomes clear that it is a game-changer.

GoRout is one of the few companies offering pitch-calling devices for baseball and softball, with more sports added. As leaders in coach-to-player communications, we designed a complete system that helps you take control of the game and boost your results.

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How does the pitch calling device work?

Coaches commonly use pitch-calling devices to send signals to players. In some cases, pitchers even have control of the device and send in their pitch selection to the catcher. 

To use these devices, coaches first upload their pitch calls, defensive shifts, and offensive plays. Then, they send the necessary information to the players on the field. When players receive a call, their device alerts them to check out the signal. 

Finally, the players execute the play as required.

What is the new device for calling pitches?

A new technology has been developed, allowing coaches and players to communicate in real-time via rugged wearable devices.

With a pitch-calling device, coaches can efficiently communicate pitch calls, defensive shifts, steals, hit-and-runs, and bunts. Pitchers and catchers can also communicate independently  without the fear of sign-stealing. 

The new technology eliminates the risk of sign stealing, speeds up the game and reps, and gives coaches more time to focus on essential matters.

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