Football Wristbands: Enhancing Performance and Communication

Achieving peak performance is the ultimate goal for all football teams and coaches. To attain this, rigorous preparation, dedicated training, unwavering focus, and flawless communication are essential. 

Proper football gear, including football wristbands, is also indispensable for optimal results on the field. However, a traditional football wristband presents some common challenges that can hinder your team’s success. That’s where the GoRout football practice solution comes in. 

The GoRout coach-to-player communication system uses robust player devices and a comprehensive coach’s app to improve performance and increase reps during practice. 

In this article, we will discuss the essentials of using football wristbands and provide reasons to start using GoRout technology to enhance your team’s practices, overcome the limitations of traditional wristbands and achieve the level of success you desire.

What are Football Wristbands?

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Football wristbands are bands, devices, or bracelets players wear around their wrists during practices or games. They serve multiple purposes, such as managing sweat or providing injury support. These wristbands also contain football play information that players and coaches can reference during a game or practice.

The use of wristbands, also called football wrist coaches, dates back to 1965. During a game against the Los Angeles Rams, Tom Matte, a former emergency quarterback for the Baltimore Colts, wore a playbook wristband cheat sheet to help secure a win.

At that time, there was a lack of effective communication between players and coaches during football games. Quarterbacks and other players needed a fast and discreet way to access play calls without communicating verbally or using huddles. It is where the football wristband came into play. It offered a convenient solution to this problem.

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Wristbands made of absorbent materials became popular for managing sweat during games. Innovations such as injury-support wristbands were introduced to provide compression and stability to the wrist joint. Players also began using wristbands as a form of personal expression by incorporating team colors, logos, or designs to showcase their style.

A playbook wristband initially focused on convenient play-calling, featuring unique codes or symbols for fast reference. However, there was an increasing need for technology in sports to make team practices and games more efficient.

Modern football wristbands are designed with comfortable and practical materials like cotton,  nylon and spandex that can be sleek and stylish. Wearable technology in sports uses symbols, codes, and high-tech visuals to distinguish between plays and provide a clear communication channel between coaches and their teams.

Common Challenges with Traditional Football Play Wristbands

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There are a few reasons why teams have a tough time finding the right football play wristband. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Snapping and breaking during gameplay can compromise durability and functionality.
  • Chafing and irritation caused by prolonged use of certain wristbands can lead to discomfort and decreased performance for players.
  • Sweat buildup and odor caused by wristbands made of heavy material can result in unpleasant odors and hygiene issues.
  • Loose fit and slippage during gameplay can cause distractions and affect players’ focus on the field.
  • Limitation of play calls and lack of ability to adjust call sheets during gameplay. Call sheets are often lengthy, Current wristbands limit the amount a coach can carry into a game and once the wristband is created it leaves the coaching staff no room for in-game adjustments. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the key reasons to start using advanced football play wristbands.

Benefits of Using Advanced Football Play Wristbands

Football play wristbands, especially those incorporating advanced technology like the GoRout football play calling system, offer benefits that significantly enhance overall team performance. 

These benefits range from seamless playbook integration to precise playcalling, improved communication clarity and enhanced focus.

Playbook wristbands also contribute to quick adaptability and coordinated efforts on the field. Using high-tech wristbands or player devices streamlines play execution and creates team unity.

Integration with playbook 

Advanced football wristbands seamlessly integrate sports coaching software with the team playbook, giving players instant access to the latest strategies, formations and play variations and significantly enhancing overall play execution. 

These high-tech player devices often feature digital displays or connectivity to mobile devices that allow for real-time updates and dynamic play adjustments.

It minimizes reliance on traditional printed playbooks and enables quick adaptability to changing game situations.

Playcalling precision

Wristbands help quarterbacks call plays discreetly and efficiently during football games and practices. Quarterbacks use wrist coaches to quickly reference plays by number, code or symbol without verbal communication or time-consuming huddles.

The quarterback can swiftly locate a play on the wrist coach, which creates rapid decision-making on the field. This streamlined and confidential play-calling process also minimizes the risk of opponents deciphering plays.

Visual play diagrams and quick reference guides can provide more precise representations of plays for better understanding and memorization, leading teams to be faster and more efficient on the field.

Communication clarity

Wristbands help reduce miscommunication on the football field by incorporating pre-assigned signals for play-calling. 

Each play is associated with a unique code or symbol that players – particularly quarterbacks – can quickly reference on their wristbands, minimizing misconception and ensuring efficient and accurate communication.

This system reduces errors and enhances overall team performance. Football wristbands can also convey urgent messages during gameplay.

Let’s say the play clock is running out, or there is a sudden injury. Using high-tech wristbands allows coaches to make real-time changes and send them directly to players on the field. 

It ensures that players receive crucial information swiftly, allowing them to adapt to changing game dynamics or respond to unforeseen circumstances in a timely and coordinated manner.

Enhanced focus

Football wristbands are essential for players to reduce mental clutter and enhance performance by minimizing reliance on memory. They serve as quick reference guides and help the team focus more on the play execution rather than recalling specific details.

The simplicity of a wrist coach allows players to maintain mental clarity during high-pressure situations, enabling quicker decision-making and execution on the field. 

This reduction in cognitive load contributes to improved player performance as they enhance their focus on strategic thinking and effective gameplay rather than managing information overload.

You can also use these high-tech devices for adjustments on defense by incorporating codes or symbols related to defensive strategies – like formations, coverages or blitz packages.

Players can use football coaching software to reference scouting notes on opponents, enhancing overall tactical awareness and adaptability during the game.

Quick adaptability

Wristbands are a useful tool in football as they provide a flexible platform for making quick adjustments during a game. Coaches can use code names and visuals on the wristbands to give immediate instructions or make changes based on the current situation. 

This real-time adaptability helps the team respond better to changes during the game and promotes a more strategic approach to offensive and defensive play.

Coordinated efforts

A playbook wristband using innovative sports technology contributes to a sense of unity among teammates in football, promoting coordinated efforts on the field.

When players wear wristbands featuring team colors, logos or designs, it creates a visual representation of team identity and solidarity. This shared accessory symbolizes belonging and a reminder of the common goal. 

This cohesion extends to on-field communication, where players quickly understand and execute coordinated strategies.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Football Wristbands

Choosing the proper sports wristbands is critical for teams seeking optimal performance and communication on the field. Let’s share several key factors when selecting football wristbands for your players.

  1. User-centric features for seamless operation: Look for wristbands with user-friendly features that facilitate easy operation and quick adaptation during gameplay.
  2. Data security and ensuring privacy: If wristbands incorporate technology, prioritize those with robust data security measures to protect sensitive play information.
  3. Equipment durability and lifespan: Choose wristbands made of durable materials to withstand the physical demands of football, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  4. Battery longevity and charging choices: Consider the battery life of wristbands and the convenience of charging options to minimize disruptions during use.
  5. Reach and coverage capabilities: Evaluate a wristband’s communication range and coverage capabilities to ensure effective on-field communication.
  6. Weather resistance and environmental compatibility: Opt for wristbands designed to resist adverse weather conditions and be compatible with the football playing environment.
  7. Manufacturer support and warranty assurance: Choose wristbands from manufacturers offering reliable support and warranty coverage, ensuring assistance in case of issues.
  8. Pricing and scalability: Consider the cost of wristbands and assess whether the investment aligns with the team’s budget. Also, evaluate the scalability of the solution for potential future needs.
  9. Reviews and ratings: Research and consider user reviews and ratings to gain insights into the performance, reliability, and satisfaction of others who have used that exact wrist coach.

Considering these factors helps you choose the proper football wristbands for your players, ensuring optimal performance and communication on the field.

Transforming Football Practice with GoRout Wearable Devices

The GoRout football practice system is equipped with the best sports team communication app that offers a user-friendly experience for coaches. 

The system also includes rugged wearable devices for players and high-tech visuals to enhance practice efficiency and communication without wifi connectivity

With our football coaching software, your team can gain a competitive edge on game day by streamlining communication and improving practice efficiency.

Teams can achieve two times more reps with GoRout’s system, leaving more time for teaching and development during practice.

Check out the testimonials of our satisfied customers to learn more.


How it works

GoRout football practice system

Our coach-to-player communication software works in a few simple steps:

  1. Upload the coach’s scout cards on the GoRout website using any drawing software
  2. Send the scout card to players on-field via the GoRout coaches practice app
  3. Players receive the play call visual and coaching notes on a wearable device
  4. The team executes the play and enhances their practice time to win the next game

That’s it. Take a tour to see how easy it is.

Key components of GoRout football practice system

GoRout football practice equipment

Since we covered the basics, let’s discuss all of GoRout’s key components to help you and your players gain a competitive advantage heading into gameday.

GoRout scripting web app

GoRout scripting app

Our scripting tool can improve organization with just a few simple clicks. It seamlessly integrates with any card drawing software, making adding or editing scripts and cards easy. You can even effortlessly copy or move plays between practice periods. Additionally, the app can store scripts for later use.

Coaches on-field practice app

The on-field app uses GoRout STEEL tech for easy communication with players. It allows quick formation flips, one-touch play flagging for review, and live card editing using a finger-drawing tool.

Wearable player devices

Our player devices withstand rigorous football practices. Coaches can select their preferred practice and send plays to players’ devices automatically. 

Whenever players receive a play call, the devices vibrate and display a visual representation of the play drawing and position-specific messaging that offers accurate guidance to improve their performance.

Common use cases

  • Walkthroughs
  • Reducing install times for new players
  • Running more plays with scout teams
  • 7 on 7 football
  • Special teams (KO, KOR, P, PR)
  • Preparation against up-tempo teams

Benefits of the GoRout football practice system

Double your team’s reps

On average, teams achieve 2.5 reps per minute, allowing coaches more time for teaching and players more opportunities for skill development.

Adaptability to all weather conditions

GoRout’s rugged black devices adapt to diverse weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance in high temperatures, humidity, snow, rain, or other environmental factors.

Customizable experience

You can adjust GoRout according to the team’s specific requirements, regardless of whether you are scaling up or down.

Comprehensive warranty

Every GoRout device comes with a comprehensive 100% full-coverage warranty, safeguarding against breakage and instilling confidence in the system.

Made by real sports coaches

GoRout was developed by experienced sports coaches who have a deep understanding of the intricate demands of sports communication. It is designed to meet the needs and challenges faced by coaches and players alike.

Take a tour to evaluate GoRout in-practice football solution.

Conclusion about Football Play Wristbands

Football wristbands and wearable devices ultimately play a dual role in enhancing performance and communication during games and practice. 

This technology is a quick reference for play-calling and streamlines communication between coaches and players.

Advanced technology offers coaches real-time adjustments, coach-to-player communication capabilities, and visual play diagrams to improve team performance.

GoRout football play calling software is a comprehensive practice system that takes communication and your players’ performance to the next level.

Get a quote to learn what we can do for your team.

FAQs about Football Wristbands

Let’s answer some common questions about football wristbands.


What are football wristbands used for?

Quarterbacks and offensive players wear play-calling wristbands containing a list of plays for easy reference during a game or football drills. Wristbands made of absorbent material help manage sweat, provide injury support and show personal expression, including supporting awareness campaigns.

What is a play-calling wristband?

A play-calling wrist coach holds a list of plays, each designated by a unique code or symbol, so players can swiftly and discreetly access play calls during the game. This widely adopted practice offers teams a convenient and efficient communication method for plays and eliminates the need for verbal calls or huddles.

How big are football wristbands?

Wristbands come in a variety of sizes. Usually, there are sizes large and small. The large wristband sizes are around 6.5 inches, and the small size is around 4.75 inches.

How do you wash a quarterback’s wristband?

Most quarterback’s wristbands are easy to wash. Just remove the play call card and throw it in the laundry machine. Then air dry for best results. Dryer sheets can help to remove the smell while air drying or waiting for the next use.


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