GoRout Partners with The Alliance Fastpitch

GoRout Partners with The Alliance Fastpitch

The Alliance Fastpitch and GoRout, two companies that consistently leverage technology to benefit players and coaches, announced a partnership that will combine their strengths and amplify the integration of new communication tools to make softball better.


GoRout is now an Official Coach-to-Player Communication Platform for The Alliance Fastpitch. As part of the partnership, GoRout will be recognized as an Official Coach-to-Player Communications Partner of The Alliance Fastpitch. The Alliance Fastpitch provides GoRout with a direct channel to communicate with coaches and players and show them the benefits of GoRout’s products.


GoRout Diamond allows coaches to communicate with every player on the field with the push of a button, and it’s approved for in-game use at both the high school and college levels, as well as Alliance Fastpitch National Events. From building pitch calls to offensive plays, to setting defensive shifts for hitters, everything is one touch away. GoRout was built for coaches by coaches, so it is seamless for coaches to use.


“GoRout is always looking for ways to partner with first-class organizations that share our same commitment to excellence and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with The Alliance Fastpitch.” says GoRout CEO Mike Rolih, “This partnership will allow softball teams across The Alliance to access world-class coach-to-player communication tools and provide their programs with a technological advantage.”


GoRout Diamond provides teams with a simple experience that has unlimited possibilities. With one touch, coaches can communicate information or instructions to players, including pitch calls, defensive shifts, bunts, and steals. The system is completely customizable and limitless, so coaches never have to worry about a player missing a sign again.


“The Alliance Fastpitch prides itself on preparing athletes for the next level and enhancing the player experience overall,” said Jami Lobpries, CEO of Alliance Fastpitch. “Allowing coach-to-player communication at National Events will help prepare athletes for the speed of the game and use of in-game technology in college. We are excited to partner with GoRout to help educate  coaches on the benefits of electronic pitch and play calling while improving the overall speed of play.” 


Alliance Fastpitch recently passed legislation allowing one-way electronic communication from coach to player at Alliance Fastpitch National events, including the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS), becoming the first youth softball organization to do so. 


The standard GoRout Diamond system includes a coach app that is both robust and simple. From building pitch calls to offensive plays, to setting defensive shifts for hitters, everything is one touch away.


That’s paired with on-field player devices that are comparable to smart watches. The player devices require no setup, pairing or programming — they are fully encrypted and ready to start receiving calls right out of the box. GoRout devices are built to withstand whatever the game throws at them and can be used in all types of weather without worry.


To learn more about our partnership with The Alliance Fastpitch, visit: GoRout.com/Alliance

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