Increase Player Development by Using GoRout Diamond

As baseball continues to evolve, the role of technology in the game does as well. The further athletes advance in their playing careers, the more they encounter the use of digital pitch and play calling. Getting GoRout Diamond into your athlete’s high school gives them a leg up in a variety of ways. They will be ahead of the technological curve as they prepare for college ball, and they will gain the advantage of how the system helps increase player development.

The importance of effective communication in baseball

Whether it’s the catcher signaling pitches, or a coach delivering signs to baserunners, effective communication on the diamond is crucial to team success. Many baseball players are first exposed to greater complexity in team communication at the high school level. It is a crucial time frame in their development. Learning to memorize and track more detailed signs on the field is essential for continuing on to the next level. 

The clarity of communication—and its direct correlation to team success—also plays a significant role in an athlete’s exposure. 

GoRout Diamond is the trusted pitch and play calling technology of college baseball powerhouses across the country. The sooner that a high school baseball player can be introduced to the system, the easier it will be for them to transition to the next level. 

college baseball teams using GoRout Diamond

Powerhouse college programs are using GoRout Diamond 

Some of the most prominent and successful baseball programs across all levels of college ball use GoRout Diamond. From Junior College to Division-1 competition, you will see GoRout devices across the field. 

NFHS compliance with coach-to-player communication limits baseball teams to the use of one device in-game. However, the NJCAA, NCAA, and NAIA all have expanded use cases for technology on the field. In college, wearable player devices can be used by all nine players on the field—a clear explanation as to why coaches are so drawn to GoRout. 

Although high school rules currently only allow devices to be worn by catchers, they still make a positive impact on the whole team and increase player development. With pitch calls being streamlined and encrypted, pitchers have a better chance at successful execution, and fielders can be introduced to a faster pace of play. Something they will need in college, where the use of other technologies, like a pitch clock, is common. 

If your athlete is a catcher, getting the system in their hands will offer them a leg up on competition! 

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Help your athlete become a well-rounded recruit

Having experience with GoRout Diamond in high school will boost your athlete’s recruiting resume. College coaches like their recruits to have a seamless transition to using technology full-time. Additionally, with effective communication throughout the season, high school teams have a significantly improved opportunity to win more games.

The more games a team wins, the more scouts there will be in the stands. More scouts showing up to games equates to greater exposure for athletes. Greater exposure leads to more recruiting opportunities.

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Use-cases of wearable devices are expected to expand at the high school level

While the current NFHS compliance rulings have the aforementioned limitations, high school sports often follow the lead of the NCAA. Previous technology updates to the game — such as moving from BESR to BBCOR bats — were announced first in college and then in high school.

History continuously repeats itself, and the role of digital pitch and play calling in high school will soon replicate the NCAA. The earlier you can get GoRout Diamond into your athlete’s high school, the sooner they will reap the benefits of using it. Your athlete will have a leg up on knowing how to operate it by the time its allowance expands.

To better understand the power of GoRout Diamond, you can take this 2-minute tour of the system.

Advocating to increase player development in your athlete’s high school

The first point of contact you need to make in order to get GoRout into your athlete’s school is with the coach. They may have already been considering a pitch calling system, and your notion may be the one that makes their decision final. If they have any opposition to the idea of tech on the diamond, you may need to do some advocating. Here are a few things that parents can highlight for coaches in order to get GoRout in their school:

  • Showcase the benefits of GoRout for coaches
    The most daunting task for a high school baseball coach is making sure that everyone is on the same page. Shoring up just one element of communication on the field—in this case, pitch calling—to 100% accuracy is a huge boost for the team. Every pitch and each decision in regards to managing baserunners will come directly from the coaches device in the dugout.
  • Player development
    As previously discussed, GoRout is designed to increase player development. By alleviating the pressure of signaling pitches and making strategic decisions, players get to focus purely on execution. If your coach’s goal is to win, he can fully take the reins on communication by implementing GoRout.
  • Highlight the success of other schools using GoRout
    Hundreds of high schools across the country are already using GoRout Diamond for their pitch and play calling. Many of which are former state champions! Introducing GoRout to your high school will keep the baseball team ahead of the game.


GoRout Diamond is among the most robust, yet easy-to-use systems in the game today. It is designed to increase player development and help teams win more games. Two of the most important aspects of high school sports. As the use case allowance of technology like GoRout continues to advance, the more beneficial it will become to your athlete and their coach. 

If you want to learn more about how baseball and softball players benefit from new-age play calling technology, or how they can make themselves stand out and receive more looks from scouts and recruiters, watch our webinar with Prep Baseball! Click here to view the recording.

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