GoRout is the Best Visual Communication Tool for Coaches

Audio and visual components play distinct roles in sports communication. Each provides a language of its own that comes with unique benefits and nuances. Let’s take a look at the overwhelming benefits of visual communication to discover why, when it comes to elevating your team, choosing GoRout is the right call.

Enhanced comprehension of visual communication

GoRout, as a visual communication solution, offers better recall and quicker reactions from players than auditory or traditionally signaled calls. Each play and and every message is clearly displayed, eliminating all doubts of miscommunication. This fosters a continuity of understanding across the entire team. It goes beyond the immediacy of verbal communication, offering a depth of flexible and clear messaging that proves invaluable in the heat of competition.

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Visual communication in practice

Beyond its time-consuming nature, the true downside of the status quo — hand drawing scripts and writing out practice plans — is the clunky transitions it can cause in practice. You spend valuable time preparing each week, but there will always be hiccups between practice periods. GoRout helps save you time off the field and doubles the reps your team can take by directly resolving that issue. 

Rather than hollering out where everyone needs to be, you can lead them there simultaneously with the press of a button. Using verbal communication prioritizes your ability to manage the team through tone. Visual aids prioritize efficiency and clarity on a team-wide spectrum. 

Visual communication in-game

As technology continues to advance, its scalability in sports does as well. If your league or conference is yet to allow in-game use of a coach-to-player communication system, it’s likely not far away. That said, the advantage that comes from a visual communication system is rather clear from an in-game perspective. There is zero chance for miscommunication when your call is clearly visible to players. 

The enhanced comprehension of a visual play call is truly unmatched. 

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