How a Football Practice Device Can Take Your Team to the Next Level

Football coaching technology has changed how coaches conduct practices and has proven to enhance team performance. 

Training aids such as communication devices, performance trackers, and video analysis tools offer coaches unique insights into player development and performance. They can also help with strategic planning. 

Some devices provide real-time monitoring and data-driven analysis, while others offer seamless communication between coaches and players.

GoRout’s football practice system is an example of the latter. It consists of web and mobile apps for coaches, and a football practice device for each team player. This cutting-edge football equipment helps streamline communication, increase reps, and optimize practices.

In this article, we will discuss how technology is transforming football coaching, explore GoRout’s football practice device, and examine how these advancements are shaping the future of the sport.

The Evolution of Football Practice

Football practice has undergone a significant transformation in recent years with the introduction of advanced tools and training methods. 

In the past, football practice was focused solely on physical conditioning and positional drills. However, today’s football integrates advanced technologies like data analytics, wearable devices, and biomechanics analysis for agility training. 

With these tools, coaches can analyze player performance, track metrics, and customize training programs according to individual needs.

Traditional methods vs. modern technology

Football practice has evolved over time. In the past, it mainly focused on physical conditioning and fundamental positional drills. Coaches used to rely on observation and manual instruction to train their players. Players practiced on natural grass fields and used basic equipment.

However, modern football training has become more advanced, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and safety. 

With GPS trackers, video analysis software, and coach-to-player communication devices, coaches can create more precise training regimens and improve strategic planning.

Advancements in football equipment, such as specialized helmets and wearable technology, have also reduced injuries and optimized player performance.

Historical context of football training

The origins of American football training can be traced back to the late 19th century when the sport was in its early stages of development. Football training was informal and consisted primarily of intramural games on college campuses.

Football was all about physical toughness, speed training, and endurance, with little emphasis on structure or specialized coaching. 

However, as the sport gained popularity across the United States, coaches began to organize structured practices that focused on fundamental accuracy targeting positional skills like blocking, tackling, and ball placement.

The need for innovation in football coaching

With changes in rules, equipment advancements, and player demographics shifts, coaches must adapt their strategies to remain competitive. 

Thanks to innovations in sports science, coaches now have valuable insights into player performance, recovery, and injury prevention. This allows them to integrate new methodologies and techniques into their practices and train players more effectively.

With the evolution of technology, coaches have gained unprecedented access to detailed performance metrics through data analytics, communication devices like the GoRout practice system, and video analysis tools. 

It means they can make more informed decisions and tailor training to increase their chances of winning.


Benefits of Adopting a Football Practice Device 

Adopting a football practice device offers many benefits for coaches and players.

Improved player engagement

Football practice devices provide an interactive and engaging addition to training. They can more greatly capture players’ attention, motivate them to make necessary adjustments, and help smooth the transition between periods. Real-time feedback makes practice sessions more enjoyable and encourages players to push themselves to improve.

Enhanced skill development

These devices offer targeted drills and simulations that focus on specific aspects of skill development, such as passing accuracy or decision-making. Football practice devices help players refine their techniques and develop muscle memory.

Efficient use of practice time

Football practice devices optimize training sessions with preset drills and automated feedback mechanisms to maximize practice time. Coaches can leverage customized football training equipment and programs for the team’s specific needs and objectives to make every second count.

Real-time performance monitoring

Many football practice devices have sensors and data-tracking capabilities. Coaches monitor these performance metrics in real-time. This instant feedback enables timely adjustments to training drills and provides personalized guidance to individual players.

Injury prevention and player safety

Football practice devices help minimize the risk of injuries. Coaches can gradually increase the intensity and complexity of drills while ensuring that players follow proper techniques and safety protocols. Some devices incorporate biofeedback features to monitor players’ physical exertion levels to prevent overtraining and fatigue-related injuries.

Football Practice Device Types

Football practice devices, such as wearable technology brands, video analysis tools, and communication devices, optimize training sessions, analyze player performance, and facilitate seamless interaction between coaches and players.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology brands in football practice—such as GPS trackers, heart rate monitors, and smart clothing—are designed to track and analyze player performance metrics.

Video analysis tools

Video analysis tools allow coaches to review game footage, identify key performance indicators and develop strategic insights to enhance player and team performance during practice.

Communication devices

Communication devices in football practice create seamless interaction between coaches and players. This means efficient play calls, adjustments, and feedback. Football communication devices also enhance coordination, cohesion, and strategy execution on the field.

How to Integrate Football Practice Devices 


Source: Coach & AD

Integrating football practice devices effectively involves these four key aspects.

Assessing team needs and goals

To assess a football team’s needs and goals, coaches must evaluate their players’ skill levels, identify areas for improvement, and determine an overall team strategy. 

They should also choose key performance metrics they want to track and analyze through technology and align them with the team’s objectives.

Selecting the suitable devices for your team

Thorough research is critical when selecting football practice devices. Coaches should pick tools that align with their team’s goals, budget, and needs.

Implementing a phased approach

Implementing a phased approach is recommended to introduce technology to players and coaches effectively. 

Start with a pilot phase to familiarize them with the technology. Gradually introduce basic devices before advancing to more sophisticated tools. 

This incremental approach allows for adaptation and builds confidence over time rather than overwhelming the team.

Monitoring and adjusting the coaching session

To effectively monitor and adjust coaching sessions, it is important to collect feedback from players regularly. Analyzing data and insights on an ongoing basis allows coaches to identify areas for improvement. 

They should continuously refine their approach to integrating technology based on the team’s growing needs.

GoRout: Transforming Football Practice

football play calling system

GoRout is a cutting-edge coach-to-player communication system that has transformed on-field communication during football practice. It includes web and mobile apps for coaches and durable wearable devices for players. 

With GoRout, coaches and players can communicate instantly and exchange vital information, enhancing practice efficiency, saving time, boosting repetitions, and elevating performance. 

Thousands of coaches, players, and teams have optimized their practice routine with GoRout. Our advanced technology elevates weekly practice preparation with efficient scout team drills and simple equipment installations.

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Web Scripting app 

GoRout scripting app

At GoRout, we have developed an efficient web scripting app that simplifies practice scripting and organization processes. Our platform seamlessly integrates with many play drawing tools, making it easy for coaches to prepare their teams for any scenario.

With the GoRout web scripting app, coaches can add, edit, copy, and reorder scripts or cards, rapidly organizing football practice. It streamlines the scripting process and saves coaches valuable preparation time.

The on-field practice mobile app

GoRout on-field practice app

The On-Field Football Practice application for coaches uses GoRout STEEL™ to streamline information and create ultra-efficient practices. It helps initiate and conclude practices, organize practice scripts, and effectively deliver play calls. 

The app ensures swift and seamless communication with each player. It provides features such as on-field formation flipping, one-tap play flagging for instant review, and the ability to live-edit cards directly on the field. 

To fully understand the impact of GoRout football practice, experience it firsthand.

Rugged player wearable devices

GoRout player devices

The GoRout wearable player devices have been designed with great attention to detail to withstand the most intense practices and physical contact that the game has to offer. 

These devices have been engineered to perform without setup or WiFi connectivity, making them hassle-free for coaches and players.

Coaches can efficiently distribute plays to their players by selecting practice groups, which ensures all players remain aligned and prepared to perform at their best throughout the practice session. 

In addition, the device provides access to play drawings and position-specific messaging, which significantly enhances the players’ performance.


Tips and Best Practices for Using GoRout

These tips empower coaches to unlock the complete capabilities of GoRout, improve communication, streamline operations and enhance team performance on the field.

Optimizing practice sessions with GoRout

With GoRout, teams can accelerate the pace of their practice sessions, achieving an average of 2.5 reps per minute. This increased rate of reps enables players to refine their skills and technique, optimizing their practice sessions. 

Coaches also benefit from GoRout, as it enables them to gain valuable time to provide feedback, instruction, and tactical insights by getting athletes through reps quicker. 

With GoRout’s system streamlining practice sessions, teams can make the most of their time on the field, resulting in accelerated player development and elevated performance on game day.

Leveraging real-time feedback for immediate improvements

Coaches can use real-time feedback to improve their team’s performance during practice sessions and games. 

GoRout’s innovative technology offers immediate insights into player performance, allowing coaches to identify areas needing adjustments and refinement. 

It means coaches can refine players’ techniques, tweak plays based on defensive alignment, or make tactical adjustments in real-time to enhance their team’s performance.

Customizing drills and scenarios for specific team needs

Customizing drills and scenarios based on specific team needs can target areas for improvement, optimize player development, and enhance overall team performance. 

By tailoring drills to address individual strengths and collective weaknesses, the focus can be on developing the skills and techniques necessary for success on the field. 

This targeted approach improves player performance and encourages team cohesion and unity.


Teams That Succeed With GoRout

“Being a small school, our scout teams are not always efficient. We purchased GoRout to expose our defense to as many plays and formations as we possibly could in a week’s span, and to streamline our scout team’s efficiency. Before GoRout, we would only get 12 plays off in a 20 minute team period. With GoRout, we are getting anywhere from 18-22 plays off in a 15 minute team period. It has absolutely changed the structure, organization, and tempo of our practices.”

– Tell City High School

“Our football team made a massive improvement from 2 wins in 2022 to 8 wins in 2023, and GoRout was a huge part of our team’s improved performance.  It allowed us to be as efficient as possible with our players’ time.  We were able to run more plays weekly in practice and cut down on the time we had to be on the field.  The team at GoRout was amazing to work with. The quality of their product and customer service are second to none.  Our players and coaches love the GoRout product.”

– Eastern Illinois University

Check out other testimonials to see how teams succeed with GoRout technology.

Future Trends in Football Practice Technology

One future trend in football practice technology involves an in-game solution that allows instant communication and play-calling from coaches to players during games. 

Wearable sensors and tracking devices embedded in player uniforms provide real-time performance metrics such as speed, acceleration, and heart rate.

Advanced data analytics algorithms process this information to generate actionable insights delivered to coaches and players via augmented reality (AR) displays or mobile applications on the sideline. 

These in-game solutions will help coaches make informed tactical decisions, streamline substitutions, and adjust strategies based on dynamic performance data to achieve a win.


Football teams can benefit from using training tools and practice devices to improve their performance, communicate more effectively and prevent injuries among athletes. 

At GoRout, we offer high-quality football equipment that can help take your team to the next level. Contact us today to get a quote and start your journey towards victory!

Football Practice Device FAQs

What equipment is used in football practice?

Football training equipment consists of wearable player devices, communication systems, tackle dummies, blocking dummies, football passing machines with wheels, landing mats and portable football kicking nets.

What are the things football players push?

Football players push blocking sleds and tackle dummies at practice that simulate real players to improve on blocking and tackling.

How much does football equipment cost?

The cost of football training equipment varies by age, level and ability. In high school, it costs around $1,200 to equip and train each player who actively plays games, depending on the technology used.

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